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  • What music do world athletes like to listen to before competing

    Posted by victoryhangerscom Admin



    Music is not only good for the soul. It’s also good for the mind and body. It can get you in the right frame of mind before racing, competing or just exercising. It helps you gain confidence, lower the level of stress and improve your performance. To put in a nutshell, music makes you feel better :).




  • Inspired by the greatest champions

    Posted by victoryhangerscom Admin

    You go to daily trainings, you fight, you lose, you win – sport is a carousel of emotions, trials, efforts and ambition.


    When the battle is hard, you seek motivation in the stories of the best, the ones who never stopped believing in their dreams.

    Here are some memorable quotes for you:


    Muhammad Ali


    “Champions aren’t made in gyms....


  • Interesting football records

    Posted by victoryhangerscom Admin

    Football (soccer), the king of sports, is always amazing and, more than that, always fabulous for its fans, captivating them year by year.

    So we gathered below some fun and impressive facts for all football enthusiasts:


    Most career goals: The most goals scored in a specified period is 1,279 by Edson Arantes do Nascimento (Brazil), known as Pelé, from 1956 to 1977 in 1,363 games.



  • Five new sports with a raising popularity

    Posted by victoryhangerscom Admin

    Five new sports with a raising popularity

    In recent years, many new sports emerged, either derived from other conventional sports or totally new.

    Their creativity and people’s curiosity and open-mindedness made these sports more and more popular, and, in the future years, they are very likely to become mainstream sports.


    1. Earthingis a new sportcreated by Mark Aaron Saus, which combines running and swimming. It is not a...


  • Unusual sports in the history of the Olympic Games

    Posted by Victory Hangers

    The Olympic Games are the world’s oldest and most prestigious competitions, so they have attracted respect and admiration all over the world.

    But there were moments in the history of these games when they included strange, unexpected, funny or even intriguing competitions, so unusual for today’s sport enthusiasts.


    (c) The New York Times

    Here is a selection of these weird competitions...