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Posted by victoryhangerscom Admin

Five new sports with a raising popularity

In recent years, many new sports emerged, either derived from other conventional sports or totally new.

Their creativity and people’s curiosity and open-mindedness made these sports more and more popular, and, in the future years, they are very likely to become mainstream sports.


  1. Earthingis a new sportcreated by Mark Aaron Saus, which combines running and swimming. It is not a biathlon (which is an endurance event), but a power sprinting event over 110m. The earthing champion is the fastest human on Earth – over land and through water. This sport started in Denmark in the summer of 2013.
  1. Hantis appeared throughout schools in the US through PE teachers. The sport has some similarities to table tennis (ping pong), but much more dynamic. Hantis can be played using the resources schools already have: 4 tables, 1 ball. Unlike the majority all other sports, this sport is free if using these existing materials. It can also be played in a small area and rightly so, because it was invented inside a small classroom.
  1. Hammerfield is a full contact sport, which was invented by Dave Simson in 2012. After seeing the blockbuster movie ”The Avengers”, Dave got inspired by the performance of ”Thor”. This was the beginning of Hammerfield. The Hammer in Hammerfield is based on the mythological hammer Mjolnir of Thor Odinson, the god of thunder. In Hammerfield you score by throwing a hammer at the goal or jumping and hitting the goal. The goal is a bell which hangs three meters above the ground.
  1. Bossaball is a combination of volleyball, soccer and Brazilian capoeira, played on a trampoline. This new game has become popular on the beaches of Andalusia, the concept being discovered between 2002-2004 by Filip Eyckmans, a Belgian established in Spain. The game was first introduced in Belgium and the Netherlands.
  1. Knuckle Racket was created by Jose Castillo of Miami, Florida, in 2009. Knuckle Racket is a sport that you play on a racquetball court. It lets you punch the ball because the net of the rackets are right over your knuckles. The sport is boxing and racquetball integrated in to one sport. It’s challenging and fun.

Enjoy your sports,

whatever that is! 🙂


Victory Hangers Team