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Posted by Victory Hangers



Yes, hydratation is essential for a healthy body and for a successful athlete, may he be professional or not!


Hydration before training / race involves an intake of approximately 300 - 500 ml of liquids before effort.


It is important for the moisturizing process to run 2-3 hours before and then repeat, half an hour before a more demanding and longer competition, for several hours.


What can be consumed: Simple liquids - water or combinations of hypotonic (carbohydrate), isotonic (normoglucid) or hypertonic (hyperglucid) solutions with or without electrolytes (these variants are chosen depending on the intensity and duration of the effort to be performed ).


Food before training / racing must:


  • to provide slow release energy without effort of digestion from the body;
  • 500 to 1000 kcal (depending on each particular case - weight, other factors);
  • it's good to consume: pasta or whole rice, whole bread, whole grains, fruits, oil.




  • proteins and fats, which are difficult to digest and can lower the performance of the body
  • fast-consuming carbohydrates by the body - white and refined sugar and refined meats (like pastries).


Hydration during training / race


It is recommended that you ingest 200-300 ml of liquids every 15 minutes of training - staggering in small amounts at regular intervals is designed to make water more efficient and protect the body from the dehydration effect as well as the reversal of hyperhydration.

During exercise, hydration and less caloric intake are essential. However, if the duration of the effort exceeds 1 hour, then an additional 20 g - up to 50-60 g of carbohydrates / each day of exercise (hypotonic solutions) may be considered.


Good luck in training and races! :)

Victory Hangers Team