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Posted by Victory Hangers

Choosing the right pair of athletic - running shoes can save you a lot of money, pain and discomfort during your training.

The market is abounding in offers, but you really need to pay attention to several factors when choosing the most fitting and efficient pair of shoes. Let’s see a few guidelines which will help you with your choice:

Tips on Choosing your Running Shoes

  • Well-fitting heel- The heel must feel well fitting, but never too tight. In fact, you should be able to slide out your feet while the shoe is laced up. You will also reduce slippage if you will lace your shoes up to the final eyelet. Be careful, you should feel some heel movement within the shoe, but a movement which is not uncomfortable or too loose.
  • Try the shoe on and see if you feel any irritations or pressure points. If you feel that the shoe is quite uncomfortable in the store, chances are that shoe will cause you problems on the road as well.
  • Does the instep feel secure? The inside upper of the shoe must feel comfortable and secure. If something is not right, you should try using a different lacing technique, maybe that helps.
  • When you try on the shoe, make sure your foot has enough room from side to side. This is important, because if the shoe is too narrow your little toe might actually sit at the edge of the shoe and this may create painful pressure points.
  • Tips on Choosing your Running Shoes
  • Feel & fit is always above trend. You should always buy the shoes that allow enough flexibility, feel comfortable and allow enough room for your heel and toes. Don’t look first for trendy shoes, but search for comfort and good fit. This way, you will not end up having to purchase another pair of shoes after 1 month.

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