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  • 8 Curious Facts About Sports!

    Posted by Victory Hangers

    Sports have no secrets for us, or at least, that’s what we think with all these available information about everything. But, if you take a closer look, there are lot of interesting facts unknown or forgotten about sports.

    1. At the first modern Olympics, winners were awarded silver medals.


    source: Getty Images

    2. The Phillippines has competed in the most Summer Olympics (20) without winning a gold...


  • Moving is mindfulness

    Posted by Victory Hangers


    Everyone agrees that regular exercise improves your body and gives you extra strenght, builds your stamina and empower the daily activities you perform during the day.


    But, most of all, sport is about mindset and balance. Doing what feels right for the body does miracles for the brain and general state, stimulating endorphines and determinates hapiness.

    Doesn’t matter the intensity or exercise...


  • Let’s try CrossFit!

    Posted by Victory Hangers

    Everyday we find new activities to start working out and get fast results.

    In the past years we tried many indoor sports that are designed to change your body composition, build muscles and loose fat, bring power and agility.

    CrossFit is a fitness program developed by Greg Glassman, CrossFit's Founder and CEO. He is the person in history that tried to define fitness in a measurable and...


  • Hydratation – in training and races

    Posted by Victory Hangers



    Yes, hydratation is essential for a healthy body and for a successful athlete, may he be professional or not!


    Hydration before training / race involves an intake of approximately 300 - 500 ml of liquids before effort.


    It is important for the moisturizing process to run 2-3 hours before and then repeat, half an hour before a more demanding and longer competition, for several...


  • Nutrition advice for triathlon

    Posted by Victory Hangers


    We have some concrete tips for you, if you are practising triathlon or considering to befriend this sport:


    • Keep a diary with everything you eat for 3-5 days, at least twice a year, to check your eating habits and adjust your diet.


    • Consumes carbohydrates before and after workout.


    • Eat 2-3 fruits and 4-6 vegetables to ensure your nutritional...