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Posted by Victory Hangers


Cross-country, the most popular form of mountain biking and the standard for many cyclists, mainly involves moving from one point to another, and includes climbing and descending on a wide variety of surfaces.


One of the important things is to stay relaxed, so you are more likely to make gentle moves to regain your balance. Even if "landing" is a slow one, use your entire body to absorb the impact with the ground and make sure you keep your head up all the time, according to


When you're in the air, look good where you need to land, start bending forward and push the bike down, keeping your legs and arms bent. When you pedal to the top for efficiency, the center of gravity will be relatively high on the bike, so when you get down on a steep terrain, it's important to let go to the rear wheel to avoid losing control.


Before descending any slope for the first time, you should check it safely on foot. See there are no rocks or roots that can clutch the wheels or pedals, and make sure that on the final part you will descend slower. It's important to keep your foot on top of your bicycle when it starts off.


A common mistake when you learn to ride a mountainbike is not to return to normal when the bike reaches a straight line, and then slip backwards. To make it easier, for beginners, it is advisable to lower the saddle in a lower position and, as it learns, adjust it according to their height. Keep your knees and bent arms to absorb shocks and better deal with the roots in your path.


We wish you great mountainbike journeys! :)

Victory Hangers Team