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Posted by victoryhangerscom Admin

It’s not so easy to make a top 3 list of the world’s largest sport stadiums because stadia capacities can vary depending on the configuration.

Sometimes seats are taken away for certain sports. Many of these stadiums once had a larger capacity – over time standing room is being replaced by more comfortable (and safer) seating for all spectators.




1.Rungrado May Day Stadium, North-Korea

Rungrado 1st of May Stadium located in Pyongyang, North Korea, spread across 51 acres and a seating capacity of 150,000, is the largest non-racing stadium in the world. The main pitch which measures 22,500 sq meter can easily fit in three full size football fields. The stadium is used for a variety of purposes, of which its use for sporting activities is the most common. Football matches are common occurrence, and the North Korean national soccer team plays its international fixtures in this stadium. Several athletic events also take place in the stadium every year.

When it opened in North Korean capital Pyongyang in 1989, the capacity of the stadium was 150,000 at the time. Since then the area has been redeveloped, turning it all-seater and reducing the capacity although North Korea have yet to officially give a new figure. Stadium experts have analysed plans, photos and scale and the new total is widely accepted to be 114,000.

2. Michigan Stadium, USA

Michigan Stadium is an American Football stadium that belongs to University of Michigan and was built in 1927. The stadium, more popularly known by its nickname “The Big House”, is located at Ann Arbor, Michigan and is the second largest stadium in the world and the largest in the United States.

The stadium is primarily used for playing college football games. University of Michigan Wolverines host all their home games in this stadium. The highest attendance at the stadium was recorded at 115,109, on September 7th, 2013, for a Michigan’s game against Notre Dame. The venue is also used for other sports and in 2014 hosted a pre-season match between Manchester United and Real Madrid that drew a crowd of 109,318.

3.Beaver Stadium, USA

The stadium, named after a former governor of Pennsylvania James A. Beaver, has a history that dates back to 1909. Beaver Stadium is located at University Park, Pennsylvania and, nowadays, belongs to Pennsylvania State University. The stadium is primarily used for playing college football games and is regarded as one of the most intimidating grounds for opposition teams to visit in college football. The highest attendance at the stadium was recorded on September 14, 2002, at 110,753, for a Penn State’s game against Nebraska, in which the Lions thrashed the Huskers 40-7.

The stadium also made headlines for being the first ever to have its interiors included in Google’s Street View.


So, we wish you interesting sports events on these stadiums or any other stadium in the world :),

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